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Backtagging: I have a tendency to be super guilty of losing track of threads, so I am totally fine with this!
Threadhopping: Unless the post header says otherwise, go for it!
Fourthwalling: Contact first. There's like a 99.9% chance I'll be fine with it, but I just need to be sure it's not anything too bad. Also, fyi, she'll probably just assume your character's either kinda crazy or kinda super into stalking. One of these things will probably create a risk of imminent electric shocks.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Just don't go completely off the rails. If you think it might be something too dark and out of nowhere, or you're not sure what that might mean, contact first.

Hugging this character: Go forth, brave soldier, and perform the most electrifying hug of your life!
Kissing this character: See above. Also check to be sure any life insurance policies are updated and in good order, because unless she's really into the character in question, she will react violently.
Flirting with this character: She will eat that kind of attention up. Go for it!
Fighting with this character: Just remember her powers tend to operate under Comic Book Physics, and I'm down. Always a good idea to plan things out ahead of time, of course!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I don't really care, but contact first just because there's kind of a limited number of ways for this to even happen. Since, you know, living energy and all that.
Killing this character: Definitely contact first, because I'm not even sure where to start on figuring out how that'd even work.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: I'm fine with it, but check in beforehand so we can figure out what all'd be gleaned from it. And maybe have fun coming up with all sorts of issues getting a clear reading, you're trying to read the mind of a walking power transformer after all.

Your Character
1.) Can Livewire snoop on personal messages / other communications from your character?
2.) Can Livewire snoop on your character themselves, provided she's in a position to do so? For example, if she's mucking about in the electrical systems on the same ship / on the same planet or station.

Template is a modified form of the one provided HERE


Jul. 4th, 2013 02:06 pm
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How am I handling Livewire? IP Logging is disabled, and anon is enabled, so go for it!


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